February 19, Juche108(2019)

Educational Conditions and Environment Improved

Pyongyang Primary School No. 4 situated in Sochang-dong, Central District, has a long history of over 70 years and is well known across the country.

The school is pushing ahead with the work to raise the pedagogical qualifications of the teachers for education and edification and steadily improve the educational conditions and environment.

Amid the close attention and fierce flames of supporting the educational sector sweeping the country in an effort to implement the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea to attach importance to education and talents, the school is creating a fine model of the primary schools.

The school buildings have undergone a complete facelift inside and outside, as befitting an educational unit in the new century, and all the classrooms been furnished with modern educational facilities and new-model desks. The playground is covered with an artificial turf of 2 700m2 and scores of sports equipment and apparatuses, and a swimming pool and table tennis ground have also been reconstructed.

The school has prepared on its own efforts more than 1 000 multimedia presentations and 400 common knowledge in science to be widely used in teaching.

All types of lessons, extracurricular activities, school administration and management are put on a modern and IT basis at a high level.

Last year the school won the title of ten model IT-based units.

The school has produced a large contingent of honour pupils and won prizes in national swimming and table tennis competitions.

This year alone nine pupils, including Ri Ye Yang, Kim Song Bok, Ri Hyo Yon and Kim Yong Won, were awarded the Our Classroom Literary Prize.

Its graduates are being admitted to schools of higher education, such as Pyongyang Middle School No. 1 and Kumsong School, and the number is increasing year after year.

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