February 23, Juche108(2019)

Preventive Medicine

The government of the DPRK directs close concern to implementing the policy of preventive medicine on the principle of prioritizing prevention of diseases over their treatment.

Preventive medicine is a system whereby the working people are protected against all kinds of diseases through vaccination and regular examination.

Great efforts are exerted for the hygienic and anti-epidemic work to create a cultural and healthy environment for living and working. There are hygienic and epidemic control centres in the capital, provinces, cities and counties, and a well-knit work system for them has been established.

Hospitals and clinics pay due concern to the prevention of diseases.

The hygienic and epidemic control centres have been modernly equipped and they focus on the prevention of infectious diseases. And all hospitals are encouraged to provide proper preventive care just as they do at specialist centres to reduce morbidity as far as possible. The district doctor system has been boosted to ensure that medical workers take good care of the residents and workers under their charge.

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