February 23, Juche108(2019)

Emphasis on Effective Use of Natural Energy

Efforts are being made briskly in the DPRK to make effective use of solar heat, wind, geotherm and other natural energy resources.

The Pyongyang mobile communications operation bureau leads others in applying renewable energy to business and leisure activities.

Each wall and roof of its ㄷ-type cosy office building is furnished with solar panels and solar water heaters to blend in well with its architectural style.

The electricity generated from them is enough to be supplied to all office rooms, service facilities, bathroom, swimming pool, mess hall, gymnasium and solar-heated greenhouse without heating system.

The solar water heaters are dedicated to heating the interior space of resting rooms in winter. The arch-style solar-heated greenhouse without heating system built on top of the office building not only produces various vegetables but also raises a great number of fish.

The bureau which relies over 80 percent of its annual electricity demand on renewable energy aims to ensure 100 percent of electricity necessary for its management activities with renewable energy.

It is channelling big efforts into improving the capacity of generating electricity from renewable energy as it updates equipment by introducing advanced technologies such as MPPT developed by the information communication institute under the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and the Wonsan communication machine repair factory.

Employees’ cultured ways in production and life are improving day by day thanks to the effective use of renewable energy.

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