March 22, Juche108(2019)

Peculiar Education Methods Steadily Created


Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- Peculiar education methods have been created one after another in the DPRK to be introduced into developing intellectual faculty of children.

What draws attention is computer-aided robot-making, one of after-school lesson plans for schoolchildren, presented by Pyongyang Teacher Training College.

Through the course of shaping and assembling a robot, working out an algorithm for it, inserting music and expressing their ideas, schoolchildren come to feel the pride of success, receive elementary education in robot and acquire scientific knowledge about various matters and phenomena.

The robot-making also helps develop such abilities as harmony of colors, formative and artistic character, mathematical-modeling, space imagination and mathematical-reasoning.

While assembling robots by themselves, schoolchildren receive elementary engineering education in machine structure, operating principle and manufacturing process.

Now, many primary school teachers and parents are interested in the new education method.

According to the result of a mathematic examination carried out as part of knowledge and IQ test after its application to the education of schoolchildren at the primary school affiliated to the college, they found out different solutions to every problem.

It is the consistent education policy of the Workers' Party of Korea to steadily create superior education methods and generalize them.

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