March 25, Juche108(2019)

Korea General Red Cross Hospital


Korea General Red Cross Hospital is a national hub for treatment, preventive medicine and academic research.

It has cardiac, respiratory, digestive and many other hospitals, as well as about ten specialist departments directly under its control, a postgraduate course and other doctor-training centres.

It has developed into a comprehensive prophylactic treatment centre and medical science research institution, staffed with competent medical workers and equipped with up-to-date facilities. It makes a positive contribution to protecting the people’s lives and promoting their health by making medical services specialized according to the kind of diseases and the affected systems and ensuring utmost care for medical treatment.

It has resolved problems arising in different fields of basic medicine and clinical medicine including immunology and virology; it has made a tangible contribution to developing the country’s medical science by achieving a great deal of successes in opening up its new branches.

It promotes exchanges with its foreign counterparts to further develop the country’s medical science and technology.

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