June 17, Juche108(2019)

Members of Working People's Organizations Meet

The working people's organizations held meetings on January 9 to pledge to thoroughly implement the important tasks set forth by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address.

The meetings were attended by Choe Hwi, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, officials concerned, officials of the trade union, agricultural workers' union and women's union, workers, members of the trade union, farmers and members of the agricultural workers' union and the women's union.

Reports and speeches were made there.

Reporters and speakers said that they are full of firm determination to make a hot emulation for a great innovation and leap in the general advance this year, regarding Kim Jong Un's New Year Address as the goal of their life and struggle.

They expressed their will to wage a more vigorous struggle for increased production so as to attain the goal of grain production this year by holding fast to self-reliance as a treasured sword for prosperity.

They called upon all the people to throw in their lot with the Party, cherish the principle of our state first as an element of their faith and devote themselves to the prosperity of the country, no matter how the situation and circumstances may change.

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