September 23, Juche108(2019)
Sixth April Spring People's Art Festival
Raises Its Curtain

The Sixth April Spring People's Art Festival raised its curtain at theatres and halls in Pyongyang on April 11 to mark the Day of the Sun (birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung).

Artistes of art troupes, art squad members, itinerant art squad members and art circle members from every province showed the Korean people's yearning and reverence for Kim Il Sung through their performances of high ideological value and artistry and good musical representation.   

The artistes of art troupes from North Hamgyong, North Phyongan, South Phyongan and Ryanggang provinces and Nampho City gave their performances at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre, those from North and South Hwanghae, South Hamgyong, Kangwon and Jagang provinces at the Ponghwa Art Theatre, and those of the art squad of the Central Committee of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League, the workers' art squad of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea and the art squads of North Phyongan and South Hamgyong provinces and Nampho City at the Central Youth Hall.

Itinerant art squad members gave performances at the Chollima Hall of Culture and the National Theatre.

Members of the working people's art groups from across the country gave their performances at the People's Palace of Culture and the Cultural Hall of the Ministry of Railways.

Jugglers from different art troupes and art squads and magic fans gave a performance at the Magic Theatre of the National Acrobatic Troupe.

The performances were enjoyed by the members of the festival organizing committee, officials, working people, students and other young people in Pyongyang.

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