October 21, Juche108(2019)
To Enrich Cultural Assets of the Nation

Among those who are devoting sincere efforts to tracing back the history of culture created by the ancestors, travelling across the country, are the members of the archaeological excavation team of the Korean Central History Museum.

They unearthed many tombs including Tomb No. 3 in Thaesong-ri and the one in Taesong-dong, and verified more than 10 000 relics, thus making a great contribution to the scientific explanation of the time-honoured history of the Korean nation who created their own history and culture from the dawning of human history.

In May 2017 the team launched an excavation in Jangsuwon-dong, Samsok District, Pyongyang.

What stimulated the curiosity of the team was the fact that it was near the site of the Anhak Royal Palace of Koguryo Kingdom (277 BC - AD 668) unearthed in Anhak-dong of Taesong District and several other tombs with murals from the same period were discovered in the Samsok area.

After combing the area several times, they located an estimated tomb on the eastern slope of a hill about 2km northeast of the seat of Jangsuwon-dong.

They buckled down to excavation, which went on vigorously in sultry and humid weather and even in biting cold days. Thanks to their painstaking efforts, the remains revealed itself.

Though many parts of the tomb were damaged after the lapse of time, the picture of a tortoise-serpent painted on the northern wall of the chamber could be seen, and many flakes of mural paintings and bier were discovered in the course of cleaning out the floor.

In order to verify the finds, they worked scores of times with image processing and statistical analyses of the structure of the tomb and the mural paintings, and comparisons with the documentary sources.

At last they proved that the Koguryo mural tombs are distributed in a wider area of Samsok District, and ascertained their structural forms and the process of change.

The archaeological excavation team is continuing its efforts to enrich the national assets.

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