August 21, Juche108(2019)

Fecelifted Banks of Pothong River

The Pothong River meanders in lazy curves down the centre of the capital city of Pyongyang. In the past, the riverside was called Thosongrang, which meant the slum quarters where people lived in the huts or dugouts on its shores and earthen walls. During the Japanese military occupation (1905-1945), the huts were always swept away by flood in the rainy season. The flood disaster in 1942 took many people’s lives, submerging over 2 000 hectares of fields and more than one thousand huts.

The situation of Korea right after liberation in August 1945 was very complicated, but President Kim Il Sung proposed improving the Pothong River in order to relieve the misfortune and sufferings of the inhabitants there. On May 21, 1946, he attended the ceremony for starting the project and picked up a shovel to be the first to break the ground.

The project was gigantic, but the Pyongyang citizens finished it successfully in only 55 days by giving full play to their patriotic zeal under his wise leadership.

Since then, the banks of the river began to change into a cultural recreation ground of people. A canal was built in the nine-kilometre-long section of the river, and the Pothonggang Pleasure Ground was built with the canal at the centre. There are several islets and ponds in the pleasure ground, which is overgrown with over 100 species of trees and fruit trees, including willows, Pyongyang maple, cherry, peach and apricot trees. Various kinds of flowers add more beauty to the natural scenery of the pleasure ground.

Ragwon, Pulgun, Chollima and other magnificent streets, and such bases for leisure activities and public services as the People’s Palace of Culture, Pyongyang Indoor Stadium, Chongnyu Restaurant, Ice Rink and Changgwang Health Complex have been built along the riverside.

In recent years, Mansudae Street, comprised of tens of blocks of multistoried and high-rise apartment buildings, public establishments, various service facilities and greenbelts and parks, has been erected, going well with the structures on the riverside. Various service amenities such as Pothonggang Shop, Pothonggang Department Store, and Pothongmun Street Fish and Meat Shop have also been built to provide convenience for the citizens’ life.

Thanks to the people-oriented policies of the country that gives top priority to promoting their well-being, the riverside is being face-lifted more beautifully.

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