September 19, Juche108(2019)

Retaining Fine Qualities of Korean Costumes

The Korean Dressmaker’s in Mirae Scientists Street opened four years ago. It has the shortest history among similar shops in Pyongyang, but has already won reputation for its excellent dressmaking.

Located on the ground floor of the 53-storeyed apartment building, an emblematic one in the street, the shop makes traditional costumes, such as chima and jogori (traditional women’s skirt and jacket), paji and jogori (traditional men’s trousers and jacket), and children’s costumes. The costumes of casual and holiday wear made at the shop are well commented by customers as they preserve graceful and beautiful features of the Korean costumes.

The shop’s main characteristic is its distinctive design.


The key to sustaining the peculiar features of the Korean costumes is to combine well various colours and decorative patterns, and it depends entirely on the ability of designers.

The shop’s manager, Pak Kum Son, is a graduate of Pyongyang University of Fine Arts and a qualified costume designer.

She considers not only the orders of the customers but also forms of their faces and bodies, and even occupations and ages in designing costumes. Her designs of soft colours going well with graceful decorative patterns always satisfy the customers.

Good workmanship of dressmakers is another distinctive feature of the shop.

They give full play to their skills in retaining beautiful curvaceousness of the silhouettes, one of fine qualities of the Korean costumes, and devote themselves to satisfying the tastes of the Korean people who prefer wearing clean, simple, elegant and soft-coloured costumes.

The traditional costumes of the shop were highly appreciated at several national Korean costume shows.

Not only Pyongyang citizens but even overseas Korean compatriots visit the shop to have their Korean costumes made.

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