August 21, Juche108(2019)

Relic of Shaded Ground under Rocks
in Ungsang-dong

The relic is the place where protohumans used to huddle together for shelter from the rain and snow.

Located in Ungsang-dong, Sonbong District, Rason City in the northeastern part of Korea, it belongs to one of the largest relics of that kind in the world, and a rare one discovered for the first time in Korea.

The relic with a strangely-shaped rock roof is 3 metres high and covers an area of over 80 square metres. It stands on the sunny slope of seashore. Unearthed there were pieces of earthenware, stone tools and other remains that vividly show the living of primitive humans.

Registered as a relic No. 1804 according to the State’s policy of preservation and protection of culture, it is properly preserved and maintained.

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