September 19, Juche108(2019)
Gold Prize Winners

The 12th Izhevsk International Acrobatics Festival was held in Izhevsk City of the Republic of Udmurtiya of Russia between March 6 and 10.

Prestigious figures from the international acrobatics circle attended the festival to judge and award prizes, stealing the limelight throughout the world.

A gold prize, the top prize of the festival, was conferred on the DPRK’s physical stunt “Fliers”, which has clinched 8 gold and top prizes in the Monte Carlo international circus and other world festivals.

The “Fliers”, which made its debut in 1997, is a flying stunt combined with ground acrobatics in which 10 players perform various swings by means of floating trapezes.  

The DPRK’s novice acrobats have further developed the stunt to put it on stage.

Yu Jin Song performed a stunt of taking an acrobat by the hand at his upper level after flying 20 metres from a floating trapeze on the ground and passing through a ring hanging over 10 metres high in the air. Jo Song Nam, with his eyes blindfolded, flew over a human tower in the air from a floating trapeze on the ground. Their flawless stunts kept foreign acrobats, spectators and juries in suspense all the time.

The jury and the vice-chairman of Monaco circus festival organizing committee said in unison: The DPRK’s acrobatics are beautiful and full of vitality and their movements are animated and thrilling. We extend gratitude to the excellent performance of its acrobats. And we wish they would take part in the Monaco festival without fail.

Coach Jong Yong Chol said his acrobats were firmly determined to retain their supremacy in the world circus arena by further polishing up their physical stunts and perfecting artistic rendition.

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