September 17, Juche108(2019)
Chollima General Building-Materials Factory

A few days ago, I visited the Chollima General Building-Materials Factory, located in Rangnang District, Pyongyang.

The factory produces various kinds of building materials.

Chief engineer Pak Yong Guk said that the factory is ensuring profitability in production by readjusting or building tens of production bases in recent years and using the resources abundant in the country as its raw materials.

He guided me first to the plastic building-materials workshop.

Its workers were producing plastic tubes in various lengths, low-foamed plastic boards, acrylic plastic boards, plastic tiles and other plastic building materials.

He said those materials were used in building many dwelling houses and public establishments across the country, including the Mirim Riding Club and Ryomyong Street, adding that the demand for them is on the daily increase.

He told me that the technicians and workers of the factory have recently updated the machinery of the workshop in conformity with their actual conditions.

The second leg of my visit was the block workshop, which produces various paving blocks in various sizes, colours and patterns, and concrete structures.

Ri Yong Gwang, leader of the workshop, said the blocks and structures prevent shrinkage crack and preserve water-proofing qualities as they are made of magnesia cement.

At one side of the workshop, the machines provided with speed control system were producing heavy building materials such as concrete structures and non-reinforced Hume concrete pipes. At the other side, various tiles, sanitary ware and painting materials were being carried to a storehouse.

Various kinds of roofing materials, hair-washing stands, aluminium-plastic sashes, heat-shield boards, latticed wire netting, and wire fence and products were on display in the showroom. I was told that they are coming into greater favour among customers.

Making the rounds of sci-tech learning space, laboratory and other places of the factory, I could witness the aspiration of its officials, technicians and workers to consolidate their production foundations by themselves by using locally-available raw materials.

I left the factory, envisaging the future of my country seething with vibrant spirit at the sight of a string of lorries, loaded with building materials, leaving for construction sites.

Staff reporter Ko Chol Hwa

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