August 26, Juche108(2019)

Monument to the Great Victory in Pukgwan

The Monument to the Great Victory in Pukgwan stands in Rimmyong-ri in the city of Kim Chaek, North Hamgyong Province of Korea.

It was erected in 1708 to the memory of the great victory achieved by the Jong Mun Bu-led volunteers who defeated the Japanese invaders in the areas of Hamgyong Province during the Imjin Patriotic War in the late 16th century.

Jong Mun Bu, an aide to the provincial military commander, led the volunteer corps to fight the victorious battles in Rimmyong, Ssangpho and Tanchon areas and win an ultimate victory in the area of Paekthap, thus driving the invaders out of Hamgyong Province.

The monument is 187cm high, 66cm wide and 13cm thick, and has more than 2 000 engraved characters, telling that Japan invaded Korea and the Korean volunteers won brilliant victory in battles against the invaders.

In 1905 a military officer of the Japanese aggressor troops that intruded into Korea during the Russo-Japanese war happened to see the monument near the village in Rimmyong of Kilju. In order to cover up the true nature of aggressive acts of Japan and its ignoble defeat and devastate the valuable historical relics of Korea, he shipped the monument to Japan secretly in 1906.

The Japanese imperialists tried to destroy it at first, but they were struck with admiration by the quality of the monument and its excellent craftsmanship, so they left it untouched, saying that they brought it from their colony.

The whereabouts of the monument were unknown for a long time, until a Japanese newspaper revealed in August 1983 that the Korean monument was abandoned in the Yasukuni Shrine that houses the name tablets of the Japanese war criminals. Worse still, the Japanese reactionaries put a rock weighing over one ton on the monument, in the meaning of obliterating the soul of the Korean nation.

The Monument to the Great Victory in Pukgwan was brought back to Korea in March 2006 by the concerted efforts of the Korean nation and was set up in its original spot.

It accuses Japanese reactionaries of violating human morality and ethics and devastating the cultural heritage.

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