August 21, Juche108(2019)
To Put Fish Farming on Scientific Basis

The Central Pisciculture Institute under the Academy of Fishery is making achievements in putting fish farming on a scientific basis.

It has developed a method of adapting the fry of mandarin fish, aged up to 1 year, to assorted fodder.

This fierce fish in the fry period eats planktons and small insects in the water.

The institute feeds them with goldfish, carp and other fry until they grow up to be 1 to 3cm long and then with assorted fodder. It produces the fodder in the shape of willow leaves or fish in consideration of the fact that this freshwater fish eats only a moving fodder. This makes it possible to increase the output of mandarin fish.

It has also developed a method of breeding loach in cage nets.

The fish, which grows up to be an adult in a year, is viable and easy to breed. So, it is possible to increase its survival rate and weight in case it is bred in cage nets while using natural feed in lakes and reservoirs.

Besides, the institute has invented a device for increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in fishponds by making use of natural minerals and by-products. The device supplies more oxygen to fishponds by producing many micro-bubbles even under low pressure.

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