January 22, Juche108(2019)
KCNA Commentary on U.S. Moves Mischievous to Koreans' Happy Event

Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is showing the sign of moving its sea and air forces massively to and around the Korean peninsula.

After announcing on the deployment of Japan-based nuclear carrier Ronald Reagan and U.S. mainland-based nuclear carrier Carl Vinson in waters off the Korean peninsula on Jan. 5, the U.S. is trumpeting about dispatch of nuclear carrier Stennis into the west Pacific waters.

It has also let three landing copter flotilla--WASP, Bonhome Richard and America capable of landing one division-strong U.S. marines in areas of the DPRK in case of emergency--change its preset courses and sail toward the Korean Peninsula.

It is reported that seven U.S. air force bases in south Korea and Japan now house a great number of fighters and troops with various missions that came from the U.S. mainland, facing a "glut".

This mischievous behavior is aimed to chill the hard-won atmosphere for improving the ties between the north and the south of Korea and ruin the nation's great event, and it constitutes an intolerable challenge to the unanimous desire and wish of the public at home and abroad for detente and peace on the peninsula.

Whenever the north and south made dialogues and contacts and there showed the sign of improving the ties, the U.S. worked with bloodshot eyes to check it.

When the historic July 4 joint statement was made public to raise the enthusiasm for reunification all across the 3, 000-ri land of Korea, the U.S. instigated the south Korean authorities to cook up "two Koreas" and when the north-south ties made significant progress following the publication of the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, the U.S. also obstructed it, being displeased with it.

The U.S. nature of standing against reunification remains unchanged.

This time, it outwardly voiced "support" for the north-south dialogues but in fact, it introduced huge aggression troops to and around the Korean Peninsula in its design to prevent the north-south ties from making improvement.

The south Korean media and experts comment that, when taking the sailing speed of Carl Vinson into account, it is estimated to enter the waters off the Korean Peninsula toward the end of January or early in February just before the opening of Phyongchang Olympics, adding that it is extremely unusual to see three nuclear carrier task forces amassed in waters off the peninsula at a time, with Ronald Reagan already deployed in Japan.

All these moves of the U.S. remind one of a wolf scrolling outside a banqueting house, and they become a good target for Hwasong artillerymen of the DPRK who have put Guam and even the U.S. mainland in their striking range.

All the Koreans should clearly see through the sinister intention and the aggression nature of the U.S. and staunchly fight against the reckless arms buildup moves of the U.S. and its attempt at a war against the north.

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