February 23, Juche108(2019)


The Conservatives, “LKP” in S.Korea must be thrown overboard


A fair public opinion inside and outside brands the "Liberty Korea Party" and other south Korean conservatives as a group of traitors once again without an equal in the world as they are going reckless in the confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north, persistently opposing the reconciliation and unity of the nation.

Through the election to the local self-governing bodies, the south Korean conservative group fully revealed their despicable true colors that they can not live even a moment without the confrontational hysteria, hurling mud at the fellow countrymen in the north.

Those, quite indifferent to the improvement of the relations with the north and the peace on the Korean Peninsula, ran amuck like rabid dogs, calculating that the prospect of the elections would be gloomier due to the DPRK-U.S. summit. The "Liberty Korea Party" coterie invited bitter ire from the people as they made reckless efforts to scuttle the phase of DPRK-U.S.dialogue at any cost and prolong their remaining day.

The "Parunmirae Party" coterie also left no stone unturned to achieve its political ambition by putting a brake on the process for improving the ties with the north and by stirring up the confrontation at the elections to the local self-governing bodies.

The reality clearly proves that the "Liberty Korea Party" and other conservative political parties of south Korea are like insects as they are only harmful to the inter-Korea ties and the Korean nation.

Recently, the floor spokesman for the "Liberty Korea Party" also made reckless remarks against the public mind-set for peace of the Korean Peninsula.

That day the guy said in a commentary that it is necessary to shift the blame for the provocation of the June 25 War on to the DPRK and take more precautions to cope with it at a time when the climate of peace gains momentum.

This is a reckless act of seeking confrontation again depite the people's mindset calling for dissolving the party traitors even though it suffered the defeat in the recent election to local self-governing bodies.

As long as there are a group of traitors who regard the confrontation with fellow countrymen as the mode of existence like the LKP, the danger of war can neither be defused on this land nor the cherished desire of the nation come true.


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