August 25, Juche108(2019)

Lots of Gifts to President Kim Il Sung

President Kim Il Sung had received 660 000 gifts from Koreans at home, overseas Koreans and south Koreans for over a century since the people of Chilgol presented a brass ware to him on April 15, Juche 2 (1913).

Hunters Ri Su Dok and her husband who had lived in Phyonggang County, Kangwon Province, presented a tiger skin to the President after the liberation of the country.

Korean people presented a number of gifts such as folding screen-style poem, silver candle stand, table clock to the President even in the grim period of the Fatherland Liberation War.

Gifts were presented to him more than 9 180 times in April in 1972.

Overseas Koreans and south Koreans presented over 94 000 precious gifts to him, holding him in high esteem as the sun of the nation and lodestar of national reunification.

Han Tok Su, former chairman of the Chongryon Central Standing Committee, presented a poem and folding screen, table-style congratulatory letters to the President, reflecting the ardent wishes of all Koreans in Japan to hold him in high esteem as their eternal leader.

Choe Hong Hui, former president of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, presented dozens of gifts including rare crystal cup and tea tray to the President.

Mun Son Myong offered the President a gold work "Korean map" as a gift in appreciation of his total dedication to national reunification.

Kim U Jung, former chairman of Taewoo Group of south Korea, presented to him a gold work "Long life" depicting the sun, turtle, deer, crane, pine, symbolic of good health and longevity, and other things.

South Korean people of various strata presented a great number of gifts such as embroidery "Manggyongdae in flowers".

Those gifts will shine forever and be handed down to posterity as national treasures of Kim Il Sung's Korea and ever-lasting treasures thanks to the devotion of all compatriots.

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