August 25, Juche108(2019)

Japanese Reactionaries Hit for Military Moves Aggravating Situation

Japan plans to purchase "radar for territorial defense", a part of interceptor missile system, from the U.S. before the year 2025 after vowing to develop new Aegis radar system together with the U.S.

Japan claims that it is aimed to cope with the threat of new-type missiles from China and Russia.

Neighboring countries of Japan express serious concern, saying that the deployment of the above-said radar will put Northeast, Huabei and Huadong regions of China under all-round surveillance of Japan and the U.S., posing a big threat to their security.

This proves that Japan is throwing its eyes of aggression to the depth of the continent.

It is as clear as noonday that Japan with its military muscle extremely expanded will embark on overseas aggression if favorable condition and situation present themselves in contingency. That is why the neighboring countries are on high alert against Japan's moves, the situation in the region getting more aggravated.

Japan's moves deserve international denunciation as Japan is on fire with the wild ambition for a military giant, far from making an apology and reflection for provoking the war of aggression against other countries and nations and committing hideous crimes in the past.

Japan should not run wild, drawing a lesson from its defeat of the past.

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