Catfish Farm Removed

Catfish Farm Removed

The following happened in July Juche 92 (2003) when Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected a unit of the Korean People’s Army.

Looking round the unit, he suddenly asked its officers whether they had built a catfish farm next to the sanatorium in Haonpho, Kyongsong County.

After a while, he said he recently made a visit to Haonpho famous for hot spring from olden times with a plan to build more buildings for the people in the sanatorium. But officials there told him that they could not build more buildings for lack of hot spring water due to a catfish farm and a greenhouse built beside the hot spring.

Noting that he always gives top priority to the people’s interest and finds his greatest pleasure in their happiness, he stated that theirs are precisely his pleasure and happiness and that this represents his view on the happiness and the people. Then, he stressed that the catfish farm in the vicinity of the sanatorium should be removed.

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