DPRK's Papers Call for Glorifying Patriotic Feats of Chairman <nobr><strong>Kim Jong Il</strong></nobr> Forever

DPRK's Papers Call for Glorifying Patriotic Feats of Chairman Kim Jong Il Forever


DPRK's newspapers on Sunday dedicate editorials to the birth anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

For the Korean people and other world progressives Feb. 16 is a day of a great auspicious event.

Rodong Sinmun says that his sacred revolutionary career serves as a textbook and a model of genuine patriotism without an equal in the world as he showed in practical examples how to love and uphold the country and the people.

It goes on:

He was a peerless patriot as well as a rare thinker and theoretician, an outstanding leader and an iron-willed commander. Born into the son of the guerrilla in Mt Paektu amidst the hard-fought sacred war for liberating the country from the Japanese imperialists, he was possessed of passionate patriotism and the fighting spirit of selfless devotion.

He dedicated all his life to the struggle to make the world look up to our country and people.

He, never compromising with the enemy, showed no mercy to them getting hell-bent on impairing the dignity of the country and nation and on encroaching upon its interests, and firmly defended the banner of independence in the face of the political upheaval that swept across the world.

Minju Joson says that his revolutionary idea and spirit constitute an everlasting lifeline of our state and people, calling for resolutely defending and glorifying his idea and feats under the guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

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