Kwan Ho Ja and Mt Kumgang

Kwan Ho Ja and Mt Kumgang

The detailed career of Kwan Ho Ja, nom de plume of a painter who drew the picture A Panoramic View of Mt Kumgang, remain unknown. But what remains now is the fact that he was born in 1725 and earned his fame as a painter by painting the picture of a panoramic view of Mt Kumgang by dint of his patriotic and unexcelled art of drawing.

Fascinated by the beautiful scenery of the mountain, the painter lived together with the people in the area who cherished warm love for one another, and drew the above-said picture by giving fuller play to all his talents.

His painting serves as a masterpiece as it depicts in a scene the panoramic view of Mt Kumgang blessed with natural beauties without parallel in the world.

Kwan depicted in his picture the beautiful landscape in the vast areas of Outer Kumgang and Sea Kumgang with Inner Kumgang at its centre.

He portrayed in his simple drawing all the natural beauties of the mountain by applying the unique method of making the best use of important things and omitting what he thought to be trivial. At the same time, he correctly and vividly represented all the natural objects and architectural structures with his exquisite, brief and bold strokes.

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