National Environmental Protection Strategy Well Underway

National Environmental Protection Strategy Well Underway


The 2019-2030 national strategy for environmental protection has already been developed in the DPRK and its implementation is now well underway.

According to Kim Kwang Jin, head of an office of the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection, the twelve-year strategy focuses on illuminating the direction and ways of drastically improving the country's environmental protection. The general goal of this strategy is to prevent environmental pollution, raise the overall ecological environment of the country to the stage of recovery and lay a material and technical foundation for switching over to a green economy, he said.

The strategy is designed to increase power generation based on natural energy resources and the rate of industrial waste recycling, the overall utility of domestic garbage and the urban greens and expand the acreage of natural reserves of all kinds, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 16.4 percent by 2030 and additionally cutting them by 36 percent more according to the progress of international cooperation ensured by the Paris agreement on climate change.

The DPRK government has set it as the way of implementing the strategy to develop environmental science and technology, improve the environmental management of the State and wage the environmental protection campaign on a nationwide scale.

As the first stage of implementing the strategy, it concentrates on the prevention of the increase of environmental pollution and establishment of an environment monitoring system of atmosphere and water in major cities and water areas and a system for grasping the pollutants discharge in each region, sector and unit this year following last year.

Projects are in full swing in all industrial establishments across the country to equip themselves with facilities for removing pollutants like gas- and dust-collection facilities and wastewater purification plants and those which are newly built or reconstructed are updated to minimize the generation of pollutants.

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