Ryongmun Cavern


Ryongmun Cavern is at the foot of Mt Ryongmun in Kujang County, North Phyongan Province of the DPRK.

This natural carven, rare to be seen in the world, was formed 480 million years ago by the action of resolution and corrosion. In the limestone cavern there are many fantastic and mysterious spots formed by stalagmites and petrifaction.

The cavern is associated with traces of Chairman Kim Jong Il who had worked heart and soul to provide the people with better conditions for civilized life

When inspecting the cavern in March Juche 85 (1996), he indicated the principles and ways for its development and management ranging from the confirmation of beauty spots to preservation and organization of visits.

After then, he gave important teachings on the cavern scores of times and energetically led the work to turn it into a wonderful resort for the people.

Thanks to his guidance, three more side caves were found out in the cavern and more than 20 beauty spots were confirmed at the two main caves and 30-odd side caves.

The Chairman visited the wonderfully completed cavern on July 25, 1998 and said it is an underground beauty spot. And he gave an instruction to organize well the tour for people.

A large number of people, including foreigners and overseas Koreans, have visited the cavern for 20-odd years.


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