Fundamental Source of Invincibility of Our Socialism


Chairman Kim Jong Il's work "On Some Problems of the Ideological Foundation of Socialism" serves as a powerful ideological and theoretical weapon which should invariably be held fast to by our people in accomplishing the socialist cause, says Rodong Sinmun Saturday in an article, and goes on:

The work, made public on May 30, Juche 79(1990), is a monumental document which scientifically proved the solidity and invincibility of socialism of our own style, and vital guidelines which ensure the steady advance of the socialist cause under the banner of the Juche idea.

With a scientific insight into the true state of the world socialist movement, Kim Jong Il gave definite answers to the issues on ideological basis of socialism, and thus inspired the world revolutionary people with confidence in victory of socialism and gave a mortal blow to the imperialist reactionaries' sophism.

Such ideologies and theories in the work as the idea on a need to have a correct understanding of originality of the Juche idea, the idea on the advantages of socialism of our own style which embodies in it the intrinsic demand of human and the idea on adhering to the revolutionary principles have proved to the full their scientific accuracy and validity in our socialist construction.

Socialism of our own style has so far made steady progress winning victory after victory thanks to Kim Jong Il's perfect answers to every ideological and theoretical issue arising in accomplishing the socialist cause.

Thanks to his extraordinary ideological and theoretical wisdom and wise leadership of our Party, our socialism could vigorously advance through virgin snow of history despite unprecedented worldwide political upheaval and severe trials.


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