No-Smoking Campaign in Full Swing

No-Smoking Campaign in Full Swing


Tobacco still gives rise to concern of the international community as it has detrimental effect on the people’s health, wellbeing of their families and development of health care in all countries.

The aftereffect of smoking is all the more serious as it is harmful to not only smokers but non-smokers.

The WHO set the theme of 2020 World No Tobacco Day (May 31) as “Protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and nicotine use.”

The DPRK, based on its legal foundation for tobacco control, is conducting the no-smoking campaign in a more vigorous way.

It signed the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on May 17, 2003 and joined it on April 27, 2005. It adopted the “Law of the DPRK on Tobacco Control” in July 2005 and has amended it on four occasions until last year.

As a result, the number of non-smoking areas has increased in public places and buildings. Cigarette producers are bound to distinctly inscribe health warning and notes of nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide contents on packets. In case of violating such regulations, they are prohibited from export and import of tobacco and its marketing.

The State organizes various forms of seminars, workshops and survey on tobacco control and intensifies information activities through the mass media.

Special attention is directed to family education and school education in order to inform young people of the harmfulness and aftereffects of smoking and prevent them from smoking.

Household doctors working in the primary health care units visit households and residential quarters to give wide publicity to no-smoking campaign and consultation. Schools are including the instruction about the harmfulness of tobacco in their teaching schedules.

The Tobacco Cessation Centre and its affiliated organs are scoring successes in their work to develop various smoking-cessation products and multimedia.

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