Enlisting Mt Paektu Area as UNESCO Global Geopark Pushed Forward


The DPRK National Commission for UNESCO is recently pushing ahead with the enlisting of Mt Paektu Area as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Mt Paektu area is drawing attention of the international geological circles for its rich biodiversity and great geological significance.

Scientists in relevant fields of the DPRK made scientific proof of its geological features and world value through scores of years-long survey and research, and thus specified its academic qualifications for global geopark.

The DPRK National Commission for UNESCO decided to enlist the Mt Paektu area as a global geopark, the first of its kind in our country, in Juche 107(2018) and submitted an application dossier last year after presenting a letter of nomination according to the formalities of UNESCO.

Now, the application dossier is under UNESCO examination.

The Mt Paektu area was enlisted as the first World Biosphere Reserve of the DPRK in 1989.


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