For Improvement of People’s Living Standards

For Improvement of People’s Living Standards


A campaign for the improvement of the people’s living standards is in full swing in different parts of the DPRK.

Sunchon City in South Phyongan Province built in a matter of two months four blocks of multi-storied apartments (66 flats) for the households evacuated from the site of the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory.

It also carried out the project for repairing kindergartens and nurseries in the city to facelift their appearance.

Huichon City in Jagang Province built modern bases for producing cement, distemper paints and Koryo medicines by making use of locally-available raw materials, thus contributing to the construction of dwelling houses and medical service.

Sinphyong County in North Hwanghae Province solved the problem of drinking water by building a waterworks and water tanks and installing water pipes in the township co-operative farm.

It also renovated the production line of the county foodstuff factory and built up the production capacity of a cement factory. It is now pushing ahead with the preparations for producing toilet papers and notebooks by itself.

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