For Development of Taekwon-Do



For Development of Taekwon-Do


The Taekwon-Do Club of the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee is an organization that has established its fame at the Taekwon-Do World Championships, the Juvenile Taekwon-Do World Championships and competitions both at home and abroad.

Based on the successes and experience gained in international competitions, the club is now making careful arrangements to steadily refresh the organizing of and guidance on training as suited to the psychological and constitutional qualities of practitioners.

It holds consultations for discussing tactical ploys and instructors’ demonstration of each event and adopts group and individual trainings and various other methods to remarkably raise the qualifications of practitioners and coaches. It also applies various auxiliary training means to be instrumental for practitioners in performing movements correctly.

In the course of this, practitioners are cultivating their ability to give fullest play to their mental and physical strength in performing patterns, sparring, self-defense, etc.

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