KCNA Commentary on Japan's Sinister Intention of Continental Aggression


Japan persists in arms buildup.

It is mulling spending the greatest-ever expenses for arms buildup, as evidenced by its projected inclusion of the development of next-generation fighter jets of the Air "Self-Defense Force" costing tens of billions of ¥ in the budget bill for 2021.

It has also officially begun examining the installment of long-range cruise missiles on the two latest Aegis warships.

The cruise missile is reportedly capable of striking any targets outside their striking range.

While speeding up the development of supersonic missiles with a striking range of over 500 km, Japan has mapped out a research plan for coping with hypersonic gliding weapons. It is also pressing ahead with its plan for neutralizing "enemy" drones with laser weapons mounted on vehicles.

This is an obvious sign of the Japanese reactionaries' ever-more undisguised moves to build a military giant and realize their wild ambition for overseas expansion, which vividly shows that the island nation's plan for continental aggression has reached an extreme phase.

At present, Japan is busy sweeping under the carpet its sinister intention of aggression, while resorting to reckless military moves.

It is playing all sorts of tricks to relax the vigilance of the international community, while deceptively describing the issue of possession of the "ability for attacking enemy base", for which it faced a backlash from the world public, as a step for "bolstering the deterrent."

As a leopard cannot change its spots, Japan can never cover up its black-hearted intention to launch reinvasion.

Japanese media openly say that Japan's ceaseless purchase and development of weapons are mainly aimed at putting political and military pressure on China and Russia and containing them.

A Western magazine exposed that Japan has buckled down to military maneuvers to cope with the advance of China and that its "Self-Defense Forces" are being gradually modeled on the army of erstwhile imperial Japan.

All these facts prove that the arms buildup pursued by the descendants of samurais is a hegemonic move to secure the status of the "leader" in Asia and a dangerous move for continental aggression that disturbs regional peace and stability.

Now is not the first half of the 20th century but the 21st century, and the dynamic relations among regional countries have undergone a radical change.

The international community keeps its eye on the arms buildup of Japan, the principal enemy of peace, always remaining vigilant against it.

If Japan persists in such reckless arms buildup, far from drawing a lesson from its disgraceful history of aggression, it is bound to face miserable ruin.


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