New-type Laser Seed Processing Devices Introduced



New-type Laser Seed Processing Devices Introduced


Laser seed processing devices developed by the High-tech Development Institute of Kim Il Sung University have been introduced into the agricultural sector.

It was ten years ago when the researchers of the institute were interested in the laser seed processing technique. At that time, the agricultural sector was using the already-developed seed processing devices. However, the farmers’ attitude toward the devices was not positive. In a word, they were not enjoying benefits of the devices.

The researchers first buckled down to finding out the reason. In the course of having in-depth discussions with scientists in the life science sector, they found out an effective method of overcoming the shortcomings of the previous devices.

Besides, they steadily carried out many experiments to maximize seed processing by laser. They travelled around the farms in various parts of the country to listen to the farmers’ opinions, and completed an optimized rational design of the device, thus developing a new type of laser seed processing device.

Their research finding was made public on international academic magazines, and the new device was awarded a national certificate of introduction of sci-tech achievements.

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