Rodong Sinmun Calls for Attaining Goals for This Year without Fail



Rodong Sinmun Calls for Attaining Goals for This Year without Fail


Pyongyang, November 28 (KCNA) -- To victoriously conclude this significant year by thoroughly implementing the Party's decisions is an honorable and worthwhile struggle for bringing the far-reaching plan of the Party into brilliant reality, says Rodong Sinmun in an editorial Monday.

It is the steadfast will of the Party to make the people's laughter resound across the country by making remarkable strides in the advance and development this significant year and fully demonstrating the might and mettle of heroic Korea, the editorial says, adding:

By redoubling our efforts while racing the time, we should adorn with shining victory this year that is of key importance in fulfilling the five-year plan.

We should make more strenuous efforts with firm determination to attain this year's goals, set forth by the Party, unconditionally and thoroughly within the fixed period.

All the people should turn out as one in the ongoing general advance, out of the loyal mind to devotedly defend the Party Central Committee through the vigorous campaign for increased production, revitalization of production.

All sectors and units should do their utmost to attain this year's goals without fail.

Everyone should work harder for the implementation of the Party decisions, giving full play to the spirit displayed in the construction of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm.

All the sectors and units should proudly stand in the front rank of the times by conducting such dynamic mass movements as campaigns in which one overtakes and learns from others and swaps experiences with them.

By conducting a vigorous ideological campaign with all the motivational forces and means, they should encourage the people to turn out in the dynamic drive for implementing the Party's ideas and defending its policies.

The editorial calls upon all the people to fully display the spirit and traits of regarding the Party's decisions as absolute and implementing them unconditionally so as to attain this year's goals without fail and report to the Party Central Committee on the proud successes.

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