Public Candlelight Demonstration Unabated across Region of S. Korean Puppets


The public struggle to drive out sycophants and traitors is getting stronger in the region of south Korean puppets, angered by the U.S. and Japan's moves to inflict a nuclear disaster upon the Korean nation.

There took place fierce rallies and demonstrations in Seoul, Kwangju, Pusan and other places on September 8, in demand of the dismantlement of the triangular war alliance, withdrawal of the U.S. forces and the resignation of war maniac Yoon Suk Yeol.

The participants accused the U.S. forces of having persistently disturbed peace and security on the Korean peninsula since they occupied south Korea on September 8, 1945. This year, in particular, the situation on the Korean peninsula has reached a touch-and-go situation due to the hostile policy toward the north, triangular military cooperation and joint drills in collusion with the U.S., they charged.

They urged the U.S. to abandon its hostile policy toward the north and withdraw its forces from south Korea, calling for surely bringing down the Yoon regime plunging the people into the vortex of war as a servant of the U.S. so as to preserve peace.

There took place the third all-people rally for halting Japan's release of nuclear-polluted water and denouncing the Yoon regime conniving at it, and the 56th candlelight rally and demonstration demanding the resignation of traitor Yoon in Seoul on Sept. 9.

Attending the rally, hosted by the joint action for halting Japan's release of nuclear-contaminated water, the Minju Party and the Jongui Party, were a large number of people from all walks of life.

The speakers said that if Yoon's sycophancy toward Japan goes with impunity, Tok Island will turn into Takeshima and the East Sea of Korea into the Japanese Sea, adding that the people will punish the treachery of the Yoon regime and its acts of destroying democracy, peace and the people's living.

The candlelight rally, held near the plaza of the Seoul City Office, turned into a venue of protests against the U.S., Japan and their lackey and war maniac traitor Yoon seeking to ignite a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula at any cost.

At the rally, involving tens of thousands of people, speakers called for imprisoning the Yoon-led fascist prosecution forces.

Demonstrators tore a large poster featuring the image of traitor Yoon.

Then the participants marched toward the U.S. embassy and the Japanese embassy.

Students' organizations, including the Progressive Federation of Students, are waging a dynamic struggle in demand of complete halt to the war drills against the north, dismantlement of the triangular military alliance and cease of the release of nuclear-polluted water by Japan.

Local organizations, newly formed in Seoul, Taejon and other areas, are staging actions to oust traitor Yoon and check Japan's discharge of the nuclear-polluted water.

The youth candlelight action held a rally in Seoul on September 7 to declare their will to take the lead in the struggle for ousting traitor Yoon.

Speakers said that the April 19 popular resistance, May 18 Kwangju public resistance, the June resistance and the public candlelight actions for impeaching Park Geun Hye were all aimed to bring down the fascist dictatorship.

Religionists held prayers outside the Japanese embassy and vowed to check Japan's discharge of nuclear-polluted water at any cost.

The Taejon Action for Checking Japan's Release of Nuclear Wastewater into Sea held a candlelight rally, at which it termed Japan's discharge of nuclear-contaminated water nuclear attack on humankind and nuclear terrorism against the overall global ecosystem.

At the end of the rally the participants staged a demonstration.


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