Rodong Sinmun Calls for Defending Independence


Independence is the lifeblood of a country and nation and the dignity and development of a country are unthinkable apart from independence, says Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in an article.

Genuine way for a country and nation is to defend independence, says the article, and goes on:

To build a strong and prosperous country, all the people should hold fast to independence, bolster their national power and settle everything by their own efforts and technology. This is the only way for defending the sovereignty and dignity of a country and nation and making them prosper.

The Korean people, in longest and acute confrontation with the U.S., the ringleader of imperialist aggression, have been steadily advancing along their path of development, unfazed by any pressure, because they have valued independence of the country and nation as their life and firmly defended it.

The 75 years covered by the DPRK are a proud history of its steadfast independent politics. It has made dynamic progress along the orbit of its own-style development according to its faith and pluck without yielding to any pressure and reading others' face in state affairs.

Independence is the only way out. Herein lie the dignity of the country and nation and the prosperity of posterity.

It is proved by the fact that the tremendous national power of the DPRK has been built up and its status has reached the highest level in the severest circumstances for the past 10-odd years.

The mightiness of the dignified DPRK will be fully displayed and its people's dream and ideal for a happy future surely realized when all the people unite in one mind and pool their patriotic efforts to defend independence, the article stresses.


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