<nobr><strong>Kim Jong Un</strong></nobr> Inspects Fish Farms



Kim Jong Un Inspects Fish Farms


Pyongyang, July 17 (KCNA) -- The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the Raksan Offshore Salmon Farm and the Sokmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm run by Unit 810 of the Korean People's Army.

He visited the Raksan Offshore Salmon Farm.

Going round the room for education in the revolutionary history and cage-net fish breeding ground, he acquainted himself in detail with the production at the farm.

It is important to create clean environment and establish a strict hygienic and anti-epidemic system in fish breeding grounds like in stockbreeding, he noted with appreciation that ten-odd settling troughs were newly arranged at rivers flowing to Raksan Bay and at waste water outlets of industrial establishments and seaweed and tangle culture grounds were built around cage-net fish breeding ground to prevent sea pollution and protect ecological environment.

He said that advanced technology should be positively introduced to put the offshore fish farming, cage-net fish farming, on a scientific and industrial basis and big efforts be directed to the work for preserving the uncontaminated ecological environment of sea on a high level so as to expand the water areas fit for breeding Atlantic salmon and produce this kind of fish in a larger quantity.

It is necessary to raise the level of putting the production of processed salmon on a scientific, automatic and modern basis, strictly ensure its hygienic safety and quality and realize its standardization, he said, adding that Atlantic salmon bred on the East Sea of Korea and processed fish should be intensively supplied to the Pyongyang Taedonggang Seafood Restaurant to improve the people's diet.

He also toured the Sokmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm.

Going round the room for education in the revolutionary history, open-air fishing pond and other parts of the farm, he learned about its management and operation.

He highly appreciated the officials and employees of the farm for having done a lot of work through a dynamic drive for updating the farm on a high level over the last three years to carry out the tasks given by him on the spot in May 2015.

They spruced up the room for education in the revolutionary history, established an automatic control system for water recycling by computer and newly built oxygen-generating station, cylinder caisson and ultraviolet sterilizing station to increase the capability of water purification and oxygen saturation. They also rebuilt the modern fattening ground in a hygienic and anti-epidemic way to raise the survival rate of fry salmon, remodeled 54 concrete fishing ponds at 6 indoor blocks into resin ones and settled the problem of disposing waste water to decisively decrease the death rate of fish. Besides, they newly built superfine grinder, bulking feed plant and 1000-ton feed storehouse and established a system of feed production by antibiosis.

Giving appreciation of such achievements, the Supreme Leader said it is vary admirable that our scientists established a technique for preventing group death of salmon fries and thus made it possible to breed hundreds of thousands of salmon fries at sea this year.

Now it is possible to further activate the culture of salmon given the enough material and technical foundations for safety production of Atlantic salmon and the increase of the level of its scientification and modernization, he noted, expressing his great pleasure over the appearance of a promising delicious fish producer in the country.

He had a photo session with the officials and employees of the pedigree farm, expressing the expectation and belief that they would be a model of the country in implementing the WPK's pisciculture policy by steadily adding to the achievements under the banner of putting the fish farming on a Juche, modern, scientific, industrial and intensive basis.

Accompanying him were Hwang Pyong So, Jo Yong Won, O Il Jong and Kim Yong Su, senior officials of the WPK Central Committee.

KAAN - TURKEY - STUDENT - 2018-07-19

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