KCNA Commentary Brands Japan as Peace Wrecker


Japan is working hard to establish the maritime missile shield.

The Ministry of Defence is examining and pushing ahead with the plan for operating maritime Aegis system by introducing new-type Aegis ship and equipping large warships with ground Aegis system, after the withdrawal of the plan for deploying Aegis Ashore.

This is a challenge to regional peace and stability as it is a part of reckless arms buildup for turning Japan into a military giant.

The Japanese reactionaries remain unchanged in their moves for turning Japan into a military giant even after Suga took power.

After Abe's younger brother, who is no better than his brother in militaristic character, was appointed as defence minister, a new-type submarine was launched and the development of combat fighter of new generation started, all of which are putting spurs to arms buildup.

One of matters in which the Japanese reactionaries take interests is the establishment of the maritime missile defence system.

The Japanese right-wing forces are making every possible effort to establish the maritime missile defence system. It is well proved by the fact that the prime minister urges on its earlier establishment and the expense for the plan replacing the one for Aegis Ashore remains vague in the written estimate of defense cost for 2021, which can be increased to their hearts' content when compiling a budget for the next year.

Clear is the intention of the Japanese reactionaries who are making desperate efforts to establish the maritime missile defence system.

They are going to round off the preparations for reinvasion at an early date by further expanding the sphere of missile-involved operations.

The Japanese bellicose forces are now loudly talking about "threat" from the DPRK, China and Russia and dare say that their arms buildup aims at gaining military supremacy over Japan's neighboring countries.

Moreover, Japan's impudent behavior of justifying its past crimes clearly shows the belligerent and aggressive nature of the reckless arms buildup.

Japan is, indeed, the vicious wrecker of regional and global peace and stability.

The international community will never pardon the reactionaries of the island country engrossed in turning Japan into a military giant.


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