KCNA Commentary on Japan's Dangerous Moves for Overseas Expansion


The Japanese defense minister recently told the press that Japan would strive to develop stealth fighter of next generation to be deployed in the 2030s.

The Japanese regime was quoted by the British newspaper Independent as terming the development of the next generation fighter known as F-X a project for beefing up the military muscle to cope with the increasing threats from China and north Korea. The Japanese defense ministry reportedly demanded 556 million US dollars as military budget for 2021.

Japan has stepped up the development of next generation stealth fighter under the pretext of "tackling a threat" from the DPRK. This is a dangerous military move to speed up the modernization of its armed forces and open up a prelude to overseas expansion through reinvasion of Korea.

Historically, Japan is a criminal state that existed on invasion, war and plunder.

The wars for conquest ignited by Japan in the last century were all prompted by the aggressive policies to colonize and enslave other countries and nations. They were not aimed to tackle "outside threat".

Since its defeat, the rulers of Japan have pursued militarism to realize the daydream of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" by stretching out its tentacles of aggression to the continent again.

Japan's long-propelled moves for building a military giant have turned Japan's military into the perfect forces for attack beyond the boundary of home defense. Japan's military muscle has undergone striking changes in quality and quantity.

This year alone, it established a space operation unit and fleet information team within the "Self-Defense Forces." It is busy with forming new units including a specialized education unit and a specialized electronic warfare unit to found a cyber defense unit.

While deploying many updated missiles at vantage points of the archipelago, Japan is conducting military drills under the pretext of defending and retaking remote islands in a bid to improve the capacity for fighting an actual war.

Japan seeks to develop and introduce next generation fighters, and other military hardware for both attack and defense. Such weapon systems are all for a war of aggression as they are long-range attack means.

Purchase of U.S.-made weapons for a preemptive attack, launching of a new-type submarine, arms buildup aimed at possessing the "ability for attacking enemy base" and regular overseas dispatch of SDF constitute wanton violations of the Japanese constitution with "exclusive defense" as its backbone and of international conventions stipulating the position of a war criminal state.

The bandit-like descendants of Samurais are saying the defense capacity just means possession of attack power strong enough to "prevent invasion from outside." Such absurd theory can never work.

If Japan ignites a war to reinvade the Korean peninsula, it will meet bitterer defeat.


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