“Patriotic Mother”


Patriotic mother--this is the nickname of Kim Yong Suk living in Kangson-dong No. 2, Chollima District, Nampho City.

She is a pensioner.

But she looks round various places in the district every morning to collect scrape iron and waste vinyl, rubber, various plastic bottles and fibre and sort them out and sends them to several industrial establishments, including the Chollima Steel Complex.

Several years ago when she began doing this thing, her children felt ashamed of her and asked her to stop that as they could not understand her mind. But she told them that she would okay everything, good or not, if it was for the sake of the country.

Over the past nine years she has collected scrape iron and prepared such aid materials as mittens every day and sent them to the Chollima Steel Complex.

Whenever she is advised to do the job taking frequent breaks, she answers that she feels no tired as she volunteers to do it.


carol john smith - edmonton - dishwasher - 2022-10-03
this article is very well written!. and his translation is very good. i can read chinese. i went to read this article in chinese, the comparison shows that this article is very good, and the translation is particularly accurate.come on!

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