The DPRK was the true winner of the 2018 Winter Olympic!
Lucas Rubio - Brazil - Student - 2018-02-26
In my opinion, as the Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Center of Brazil, the DPRK was a great victory in these Olympic Games.
The Socialist Korea demonstrated to the world in 2017 a military power never seen before, coupled with surprising economic and social growth. The world began to respect the DPRK even more.
When Supreme Marshal KIM JONG UN, in his New Year's speech, suggested that the DPRK national team could participate the Olympics, South Korean officials were prudents in accepting the proposal.
I think the South Koreans have understood that the sanctions do not work and that the DPRK will never abandon its nuclear program, Juche's great defense sword.
The presence of the comrade Kim Yo Jong in the opening of the games was also a great demonstration that the DPRK is a nation that wishes the peaceful reunification of the Fatherland without the presence of the United States. The negative and shameful reactions of the USA because of the rapprochement between the states of Korea is a proof of how American imperialism felt defeated in these games.
We in Brazil hope that the situation will improve and that the two sides will increasingly reconnect in search of stability and peace in the region.
Long live the great diplomacy of Korea of ​​Juche! Long live Reunification!

Zheng - Hong Kong SAR - Student - 2018-02-27
I very much agree my friend Lucas!! This is a great step toward unification.
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