Reasons why the Chosun Tokai is correct
朴 - 近畿地方 - 大工 - 2018-08-17
Our ancestors have pioneered the Joseon Sea from the ancient times. The name "Tokai" has been used since before the Three Kingdoms period, it is a name of a nation-specific ocean with long history and reasonable grounds.
Since the 13th century, Western geographers and explorers have also written the sea between Korea and Japan on the world map as "Oriental Sea", or "Tokai", and call it the "Korean Sea" Regardless, the internationally recognized ocean name was distorted by the military force of Japanese imperialism.
The name "Sea of ​​Japan" began to be used since the 19th century and it is a criminal product of the past strong opposition policy and imperialistic action by the Japanese emperor. The name "Sea of ​​Japan" includes the history of the past of the Korean people who were deprived of the sovereignty of the state.
Representing the Korea Tokai as "the Sea of ​​Japan" is the first step to recognize Japan's Dokdo sovereignty, which is the second invasion of Korea.
Japan should immediately stop the distortion of the historic place name

Timothe - France - Student - 2018-11-08
Japan is doing its utmost to try to hide the imperialist past, the Nanking massacre, from the slavery they inflicted on the Koreans, today they pretend to be the victims of a pseudo Chinese imperialism while hiding in their storybooks the flagrant evidence of the imperialism of their countries.
The name of this sea is just another proof to add on a long list of the dishonesty of this country
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