A new Czech-Korean friendship association founded
Pavel Kladivá - Brno, Czechia - Student - 2019-05-03
On the 30th of April, the Independent Student Korean Friendship Association was founded by a small group of high school students in Brno, Czechia. We are not affiliated with any existing organization and are not registered nor planning to register officialy with the Czech government.
Our main focus is to improve the name and reputation of the DPRK here in the Czech Republic. Despite our country having a friendship association older than the KFA (Pektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Society, founded in 1999; its former president even personally met President Kim Il Sung), the information presented about the DPRK in the media is very inaccurate and copies the western propaganda.
Our other important focus is to help to improve the official websites of the DPRK by providing information of mistakes, errors and other unfortunate incidents.
Happy May Day to all workers and labourers in all over the world! We hope that under the guidance of the Juche idea and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un the DPRK will be able to fulfill its "Mallima" modernization goal and face all challanges in politics, science and philosophy in the future.
Pavel Kladivák
President of the ISKFA

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