Readers’ Feedbacks

E. Macron France 2019-11-04
Clearly the best country in the whole world, the pinnacle of a socialist community.
When we see the treatement made by the occidental medias, comparate to the well being shown in this trustful website, I am very disgusted by the lies of our medias. I would love to live in a country ruled by the supreme leader Kim Jong Un, in an impulse of peace and love between peoples.
Hello Hello Hello 2019-10-29
Hello my North Korean friends!!! My name is António Castro, from Portugal... sorry, but i dont know how to speak in Korean, so i have to speak in english... NORTH KOREA FOREVER!!!
jonney UAE Business 2019-10-16
It will be helpful to learn Korean
Donald WH POTUS 2019-10-06
Antonios Vaitsis Geneva Student 2019-09-25
I respect Comrade Kim Jong Un
kim il song fan #1 pyongyeng loving kor 2019-09-25
a heroine, she must be remembered for her anti imperialist struggles
kim il song fan #1 pyongyeng loving kor 2019-09-25
amazing. korea will always innovate
kim il song fan pyongyeng loving kor 2019-09-21
koreans are amazing
kim il song fan #1 lover of korea loving kor 2019-09-21
china and korea have always been friends and always will be friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks kim jong un and xi jinping
kim il song fan #1 pyongyeng being cool 2019-09-21
dprk is really cool. i love dprk best country in whole world
kim il song fan #1 pyongyeng being cool 2019-09-21
dprk steps ahead of everyone else
John Pyongyang Teacher 2019-08-08
This is unbelievable that this is happening in 21st century.
yorise america doctor 2019-06-07
Booper Pyongyang TEacher 2019-06-02
Wow. Great content. Fake news is everywhere
renata br student 2019-05-21
cool! cheers from brazil!
Holy Warrior Iran Civil serv 2019-03-09
Korea is a science big country
yun hak yong dalian student 2019-02-17
this film is very nice.
Pak Stołczyńska, 100D CEO 2019-01-21