Readers’ Feedbacks

John Pyongyang Teacher 2019-08-08
This is unbelievable that this is happening in 21st century.
yorise america doctor 2019-06-07
Booper Pyongyang TEacher 2019-06-02
Wow. Great content. Fake news is everywhere
renata br student 2019-05-21
cool! cheers from brazil!
Holy Warrior Iran Civil serv 2019-03-09
Korea is a science big country
yun hak yong dalian student 2019-02-17
this film is very nice.
Pak Stołczyńska, 100D CEO 2019-01-21
tiger coder 2019-01-04
I will read this
stanis.perror Russia business 2019-01-02
I want to watch the videos.
Erikson Beijing driver 2018-12-18
I like very Korean TV.
Timothe France Student 2018-11-11
Western Imperialist always lie for their interests, Very sad to see that most of western people believe in their propaganda.
Timothe France Student 2018-11-08
There will never be another leader like Kim Jong Un.
Timothe 40 boulevard banon, Student 2018-11-08
Two great leader, these photos warm up my heart, Cuba is still great and walk alongside Korea !
Thud *distant crashing so Ow I fell 2018-10-24
Very cool, thank you Kim Jong Un!
Dagfinn Aaslid Norway 2018-10-04
Great actress!
Giles Minnesota 2018-10-04
Want this potter, so good Korea Juche Pottery!
Family Homeless Beggar 2018-09-29
Peace is a good, we need DPRK-US peace.