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Zheng Hong Kong SAR Student 2018-02-02
This is very true, extreme US hypocrisy disregarding its own human rights crimes.
Bort Chile Brogle 2018-01-31
No war! No anti DPRK! No US imperialism! Justice for the north! We will never forget! We march with the Great Leader!
Good Good Good 2018-01-30
GC Alaska student 2018-01-15
Respectfully, could you provide an English translation, please? Thank you.
Betsy Constitution Hill, S Reign 2018-01-08
Thank you thats lovely! I shall try it out right away!
bestkorea 1 norway horse 2018-01-08
Very nice supreme leader Kim Jong Un.
star Shenyang IT 2018-01-08
Great song
Elena PyongYang School For Student 2018-01-08
Thank you The Respected Supreme Leather Kim Jong Un!
Mohammad Mohammad 2017-12-16
Hope for more collaboration among the great people of two countries
James A comment on this ar Thanks for 2017-12-09
All of Korea must reject the US in unison.
Mtetwa Ndinadiwabiwa Gambia Philosophe 2017-12-09
With his generosity people will nourish.
To a precious leader, we call him "Gold Ajui", meaning the man to bring golden age. Gambia, my beautiful nation, also needs a Gold Ajui like Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
superman beijing 2017-12-04
very very GOOD!
Ilan 2017-11-08
Frederick 361 tenants Harbor Self Emply 2017-11-05
I like this channal
Kim Hung Jin Shenyang Upworker 2017-10-31
kgs shen yang boss 2017-10-29
Very good
RIHYON Tianjinshixiqingqu student 2017-10-23
I am very interested in this cartoon,so I will often visit this homepage!
Strong man China Office 2017-06-12
DPRK will be victorious as the result of Songun politics.