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Elena PyongYang School For Student 2018-01-08
Thank you The Respected Supreme Leather Kim Jong Un!
Mohammad Mohammad 2017-12-16
Hope for more collaboration among the great people of two countries
James A comment on this ar Thanks for 2017-12-09
All of Korea must reject the US in unison.
Mtetwa Ndinadiwabiwa Gambia Philosophe 2017-12-09
With his generosity people will nourish.
To a precious leader, we call him "Gold Ajui", meaning the man to bring golden age. Gambia, my beautiful nation, also needs a Gold Ajui like Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
superman beijing 2017-12-04
very very GOOD!
Ilan 2017-11-08
Frederick 361 tenants Harbor Self Emply 2017-11-05
I like this channal
Kim Hung Jin Shenyang Upworker 2017-10-31
kgs shen yang boss 2017-10-29
Very good
RIHYON Tianjinshixiqingqu student 2017-10-23
I am very interested in this cartoon,so I will often visit this homepage!
Strong man China Office 2017-06-12
DPRK will be victorious as the result of Songun politics.
Branko Knezevic 2017-04-25
All the best for brave Korean people.

From Serbia
chingchangho chingchanghoo chingchang 2017-03-23
조병일 Kampala, Uganda 연구사 2017-03-15
다른 동화상싸이트(Youtube)처럼 목록에 현재 열람하는 제목과 가장 가까이 관련된 편집물들이 따라오면 더욱 사용자들이 좋아할것 같습니다.
Albrecht 19 First avenue 2017-02-13
Very good, thank you, god praise DPRK.
김익범 학생 2017-01-25
U.S. Should Roll back Its Anti-DPRK Policy.
Kok Li Xuan Singapore Student 2017-01-07
I believe that someday North and South will be reunified.
h h h 2016-10-12
Great airshow besides the friendship aspect. :)