Third-day Sitting of 2nd Plenary Meeting of 8th WPK Central Committee Held



Third-day Sitting of 2nd Plenary Meeting of 8th WPK Central Committee Held


Pyongyang, February 11 (KCNA) -- The news of the plenary meeting of the Party Central Committee indicating the most correct and detailed fighting strategies for implementing the decisions made at the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) is exciting the revolutionary spirit and enthusiasm of members of the entire Party and the Korean people across the country who are devoting themselves to make a fresh innovation and progress while overcoming all obstacles and difficulties.

The third-day sitting of the plenary meeting was held on Wednesday.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, continued his report on the first agenda item.

His report is instilling great confidence and courage into the participants of the meeting as it indicates the powerful practical ways to make every sector successfully carry out its revolutionary duty in the vital period when the march begins to implement the decisions made at the Party Congress.

The General Secretary in his report suggested important tasks for firmly ensuring the implementation of the national economic plan by law and channeling all Party works into the fulfillment of this year's economic tasks.

The report stressed the importance to strengthen the legal supervision and control over the establishment and executive process of the national economic plan, the order of the Party and the law of the state.

It called upon the legislation sector to remove irrational elements becoming stumbling blocks to the implementation of the national economic plan and enact and perfect new laws for every sector which help promote the efficiency of the production and construction.

It said that legislative bodies including the prosecution organ should increase their role to make sure the national economic plan is properly distributed and correctly executed, and in particular, stage a strong legal struggle for checking all kinds of illegal practices revealed in economic activities, adding that all sectors and units should obey them unconditionally.

Analyzing that the faults revealed in the economic work in the last period are caused by the party organizations which failed to fulfill their responsibilities and role as organizers and standard-bearers in carrying out the Party's policies, the report proposed tasks of the party organizations for intensifying the party guidance and political guidance from the standpoint of holding full responsibility for the result from the implementation of this year's economic task.

It referred to the ways for the party organizations at all levels to positively play the role in properly steering the implementation of the national economic plan while giving priority to the organizational and political work for arousing the masses to the accomplishment of this year's goal.

It also suggested tasks calling upon the party organizations of ministries and national institutions to properly grasp and guide the execution of Party's economic policy by enhancing the level of the Party work in line with the characteristics of their units in charge of important portion in the overall work of the state and to strengthen the direction of the party life of public service personnel.

Concluding his report on the first agenda item made through three consecutive days, the General Secretary said that the plenary meeting was convened in the timely and necessary period in the sense that it helped rectify mistakes from the stage of planning this year's work and newly decided on the great work for the people and also helped find out and correct the ideological maladies including passivism and self-protectionism latent in officials.

He called for making the plenary meeting serve as a significant occasion in taking a great stride in implementing the decisions of the Party Congress and encouraging members of the entire Party and all the Korean people by holding consultative meetings of panels for properly confirming this year's plan and setting innovative goals based on purposefulness for the development, dynamism, perseverance and scientific accuracy through in-depth discussion by members of the Party central leadership organ and officials concerned.

When the General Secretary finished his report, all the participants expressed their thanks and firm oath with enthusiastic applauses in reverence for Kim Jong Un who clearly indicated sagacious ways for the fulfillment of the decisions made at the Party Congress with his extraordinary insight and intense speculation, took courageous and revolutionary measures and imbued them with noble sense of obligation of devoted service for the people's wellbeing and great power and wisdom.

Kim Jong Un's important report full of absolute and unconditional spirit of serving the people and the infinite revolutionary and progressive spirit serves as a great militant banner for overcoming serious tendencies revealed in planning this year's work in time and encouraging the entire Party and all the people to turn out in successfully implementing the fighting programme set forth by the Party Congress.

Speeches on the first agenda item were made at the plenary meeting.

Kim Tok Hun, premier of the Cabinet, Ma Jong Son, minister of Chemical Industry, U Sang Chol, director of the Central Public Prosecutors Office, and Jo Yong Won, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, made speeches.

The speakers cool-headedly analyzed and looked back on the ideological root causes of defects of failing to apply the idea and spirit of the 8th Party Congress and maintaining the status quo in working out this year's goal for economic construction.

They expressed their firm determination to set the goal for the first year of the new five-year plan from the viewpoint of resolutely defending the authority of the Party Congress with the mind of choosing the rough road of fighting in a do-or-die spirit to live up to the high trust of the Party and the great expectation of the people, and to make a definite turn in the present economic situation at any cost.

They called for consolidating the material and technological foundation of self-supporting economy on the basis of our technology and talents by giving priority to building up our own technological forces and enhancing their role, bearing in mind the fact that the operation of the upgraded factories, the prospect of the development and the implementation of the decisions made at the Party Congress all depend on the advanced science and technology and talents.

Speakers pledged to concentrate all efforts on legally guaranteeing the implementation of the new five-year plan as befit the resolute and staunch defender of the Party's economic policy, regard it as the most important part of the Party work to make the Party and revolutionary ranks the integral whole of loyal subjects which supports the leadership idea of the Party Central Committee sincerely and devotedly, and give a Party-oriented and political impetus to the implementation of the decisions of the Party Congress and this year's tasks.

Listening to the speeches, the participants seriously reflected on the plans of their sectors and units and their attitude and manner of work, and girded themselves for the struggle to attain the first year's goal of the new five-year plan true to the revolutionary ideas and policies put forward by the General Secretary in his programmatic report.

The plenary meeting discussed in detail the tasks to be implemented by each sector this year before having a conference on drawing up a draft resolution.

The members of the Party central leadership body are deepening discussion with officials concerned to consolidate the foundation of the country's economy and decide on the innovative plans for developing our revolution to the level of a fresh leap forward.

The plenary meeting goes on.

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