<nobr><strong>Kim Jong Un</strong></nobr> Gives Field Guidance to Remodeled Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory



Kim Jong Un Gives Field Guidance to Remodeled Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory


Pyongyang, October 29 (KCNA) -- Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, together with Ri Sol Ju, gave field guidance to the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory which has turned into a model and standard for the nation's cosmetics factories.

After seeing the mosaic of leader Kim Jong Il titled "To Provide Our People with Better Cosmetics," respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un went round the newly arranged room for the education in the revolutionary history and room dedicated to the history of the factory.

Looking carefully at each picture of Kim Jong Il giving field guidance to the factory in August 2003, he said that Kim Jong Il would be very glad to see the factory renovated finely.

All the places of the factory are associated with the love for the people by Kim Jong Il who made efforts to provide them with more highly civilized living conditions, Kim Jong Un said, calling upon the officials and employees of the factory to produce more cosmetics of good quality with world competitive power and provide the people with them, always remembering on-the-spot instructions given by Kim Jong Il on the day.

He went round the integrated production control room, cosmetics, soap and cosmetics vessel shops, design room, cosmetics institute, cosmetics analytical laboratory, sci-tech learning space, sample room and other places of the factory to learn in detail about the renovation, production, research and quality of goods.

He was very pleased, saying the variety of cosmetics produced by the factory are numerous and qualitative, and that not only pattern of their vessels but packing boxes are very nice. He said with pride that he was very pleasant to think about our women and people who would like after receiving world-level cosmetics produced at the factory which has been put on a modern, scientific and industrial basis, pointing out that it has come to have the dream of the women who want to be more beautiful be realized.

Noting that the districts for production, education and workers' living of the factory have been clearly distinct, all its buildings arranged into green and energy-saving ones and everything face-lifted radically, he said he felt good as the factory has been remodeled to be proud of in the world so that it would be flawless in the distant future, too.

He put forward the important tasks facing the factory and directly gave the tasks for modernizing the second-stage production process.

Expressing the expectation and belief that the officials and employees of the factory would make continued innovation and advance in the drive to provide the people with good quality cosmetics, he had a photo session with them.

He was accompanied by An Jong Su, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, and Kim Yo Jong and Jo Yong Won, leading officials of the C.C., WPK.

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