<nobr><strong>Kim Jong Un</strong></nobr> Makes Closing Address at 5th Conference of Cell Chairpersons of WPK



Kim Jong Un Makes Closing Address at 5th Conference of Cell Chairpersons of WPK


Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, guided the 5th Conference of Cell Chairpersons of WPK held from Dec. 21 to 23 amid the deep concern and expectation of all party members and other people of the country, and made a closing address.

Kim Jong Un said that the conference was successfully held thanks to the high enthusiasm of all the participants, adding that the Conference set forth proper orientation of struggle for the subsequent period before coming to a closure.

He said that the conference recalled the position held by party cells in strengthening the party and putting into practice the party's idea and intention, and the importance of duties assumed by party cell chairpersons, adding the conference clarified tasks and ways for strengthening the party cells at present.

The conference would offer an important occasion in further enhancing the function and role of the party cells as required by the prevailing situation and the developing revolution and in strengthening the leadership and militant ability of the party, he stressed.

The basic spirit of the conference is to turn all party cells into loyal cells, vanguard ranks implementing the party policies and bring about a fresh turn in the drive for strengthening the party and building a socialist power, he added.

Noting that it is heavy yet responsible work to strengthen the party cells into loyal cells and vanguard ranks of implementing party policies, he said with confidence that when all party chairpersons turn out with redoubled efforts, being conscious of the mission and duties assumed by them as primary political officials of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist party, the party cells would be strengthened, the militant power of our party would grow stronger and our revolution would make faster advance.

He stressed the need for all the cell chairpersons of the whole party to refresh determination and harden fighting spirit with the conference as momentum, to devote strength, wisdom and enthusiasm to rallying the party members and other working people close around the party, to become vanguard fighters and true educators of the popular masses who are making the breakthrough in the van whenever they are faced with difficulties and hardships and to arouse the masses into implementing the party policies.

It is the traditional fighting mode of the WPK to strengthen the party cells, militant units directly in charge of carrying out the party policies, enhance the leadership role of the party and effect a surge in the revolution and construction, he said, adding that our party will invariably carry forward this tradition in the future, too, and keep putting big efforts into prioritizing party cells and strengthening them.

He called on party organizations at all levels and party officials to cherish the party's idea and policies on prioritizing party cells and devote all efforts into strengthening all party cells into faithful cells and vanguard ranks implementing the party policies.

He said with pride that even though we may face manifold difficulties and hardships in the ways ahead, the Party Central Committee feels reassured as there are hundreds of thousands of cell chairpersons, core members loyal to the party and vanguard fighters for carrying out the party policies, and millions of party members.

What we have done is just the beginning and the Party Central Committee plans to conduct more new projects for the people, he said, noting it will to courageously carry out operations in a big and bold way for building a socialist power with trust put in party cell chairpersons.

He stressed that the participants in the conference should cherish deep once again what heavy responsibility they have assumed before the party and the revolution and at what an important post they are working.

Expressing conviction that all the party cell chairpersons will cherish the spirit of the conference and put it into their practical work to surely repay the trust and expectation of the Party Central Committee, he declared the 5th Conference of Cell Chairpersons of the WPK closed.

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