Even at the Cost of a Huge Sum of Money



In January Juche 97 (2018), Kim Jong Un gave field guidance at the Pyongyang Pharmaceutical Factory.

The country’s pharmaceutical industry is now backward, but as we have strong sci-tech forces and a foundation of the chemical industry, we can bolster up the sector if research to obtain at home raw and other materials needed for the production of medicines is pushed ahead with and the pharmaceutical factories are provided with them, he said.

We should improve socialist public health service, the work for the promotion and protection of the people’s health even at the cost of a huge sum of money, he noted, adding that this was not just a policy-oriented task facing the public health sector but the demand of our revolution.

Stressing that only when the people enjoy the tangible benefits of socialist public health service can they believe the Party’s people-oriented policy on public health, he said that public health service occupies the first place in making them realize the advantages of the Party’s people-oriented policy.

Renovation of the factory should be made an important occasion for developing the country’s pharmaceutical factory, he said. He underscored the need to turn the factory into a model, standard factory in the country’s pharmaceutical industry and to ensure that all other such plants in the country emulate it.

The officials and other employees of the factory, extending thanks to their Supreme Leader visiting their workplace and showing close concern for the people’s health by putting forward a higher target of modernization, made up their minds to brilliantly carry out the militant tasks he set forth.



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