WPK's Idea of Making Breakthrough Head-on



The idea and line of the Workers' Party of Korea which declares the fighting strategy and way of advance for turning the present adversity into favorable situation as an offensive for making a breakthrough head-on are a brilliant embodiment of the offensive spirit of Mt Paektu created by President Kim Il Sung in the period of the hard-fought anti-Japanese armed struggle.

The general orientation of Kim Il Sung's revolutionary career is an offensive, not a passive defense.

Whenever Kim Il Sung was faced with difficulties on the road of advance since the first days when he embarked on the road of revolution till the last moments of his life, he always broke through them with offensive tactics of making headway against them without hesitation, vacillation and detour.

WPK's idea of making a breakthrough head-on fully reflects the offensive spirit of Mt Paektu, the mode of struggle to make headway against difficulties whose undying viability has been demonstrated in the struggle of all stages and forms of the Korean revolution including the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.



Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un clarified before the world his resolute and firm stand to face up to without a slight of confession and compromise behaviors of the hostile forces that raise a brigandish demand contrary to the DPRK's fundamental interests.

The mode of an audacious struggle to break through head-on all the barriers to the advance and bring about a new upswing in the revolution can be set forth and fully embodied only by the great leader and great Party with high responsibility for the destiny of the country and the people and the firm faith of independence to carry out the revolution to the last by dint of self-reliance.



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