A Proposal Turned Down


On the eve of February 16, Juche 101 (2012), the birthday of General Kim Jong Il which is now called the Day of the Shining Star, the residents in Manpho, Jagang Province, moved into new houses.

On the 14th Kim Jong Un received a letter from these people.

It reads in part:

“Our dear respected leader Kim Jong Un,

We are longing to see you even in our dreams. To mark the Day of the Shining Star, 245 households in Manpho have moved into new houses that have been built on the bank of the Amnok under the General’s and your benevolent care. As we have gathered together to celebrate the happy event, we are sending you this letter to express our deep gratitude to you for your parental concern.

The demise of the General has caused you great pain and we know that you are overcoming your sorrow and doing your best for the good of the people the General entrusted to you. We are moved to tears for your unremitting care and deep trust. We appreciate your warm affection for us…”

The General said that Manpho was keeping socialism in its original form and it was a model in all aspects for the whole country to follow. On his several visits to the town he underlined the importance of redeveloping it as befits a border town of Songun Korea. And Kim Jong Un took a series of steps to build new houses for the residents on the bank of the Amnok. To live up to the General’s and Kim Jong Un’s affection and trust they worked hard to reap a bumper harvest, thus overfulfilling the cereals production plan for the previous year.

Citing these facts, the letter ended as following:

Our yearning for the General grows stronger as our town has been transformed beyond recognition and our living standards are improving as a result of good farming. We feel so guilty as none of us every prepared a good meal for the General who devoted his whole life to the good of the people.

With a strong yearning for him and out of our unshakable loyalty to him, we have collected 100 tons of white-polished rice we harvested last year and packed them in 50 kg bags.

Our wish is that you accept our sincere donation for the erection of a statute of the General.

Every word of the letter reflected the residents’ moral obligation to the General.

Kim Jong Un wrote in his reply to this letter:

“The chief secretary of the Jagang Provincial Party Committee

The chief secretary of the Manpho City Party Committee

I have rejoiced at the news that the residents in Manpho were very pleased to move to new houses which had been constructed under the care of the General. In the future the officials of the provincial and city Party committee should make sure that his warm affection goes down for long along with the new houses. They should always pay attention meticulous concerns to the problem of people’s living and their troubles and resolve them in time. They should also give priority to their interests in all aspects of their work. In this way they should implement our Party’s people-oriented policies and honour the name of the General forever. I thank the people in Manpho for proposing to donate 100 tons of white-polished rice, which they collected with utmost care, for the soldiers who have been seconded to the erection of a statue of the General.

I am very grateful to them. I accept their sincerity but I decline their proposal. I will convey to the great General the sincere devotion with which our people support their leader maintaining close ties of kinship with him.

I advise that true to the noble intentions of the General who loved his people and devoted his life entirely to their interests and well-being, the officials of the provincial and city Party committees apportion the whole amount of the rice among the local people and their children as a token of his affection for them.

I believe you will do so without fail.

The letter from the people in Manpho has given me great encouragement and I have hardened my determination to redouble my efforts for the revolution.

Kim Jong Un

February 14, 2012”

Receiving his reply, the resident in Manpho shed tears of gratitude for Kim Jong Un.

They said to themselves: Our great General will always be with us as we yearn for him and our respected leader Kim Jong Un takes good care of the service personnel and all other people true to the noble intentions of the President and the General. The history of our General’s warm affection for the people continues.



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